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I'm not use to talk about me, even worse when it's in public area, therefore you won't find much here.

Believe it or not, at the moment this website is just to track people who search for me, like you do.

Liberty and Democracy are two of the words that inspire me at the moment, let's see what we can do with that.

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... Something new is on approach ...Since 2020

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Something's happening - 2020 is a new chapter - Stay in touch

Founder and CEO Since 2009

@My Own Companies

Building websites + SEO + Webmarketing => the way I make money.

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@Many companies

My professional life the 10 years before starting to work for myself is not really relevant on this website.


Licence Professionnelle Nouvelles Technologies de l'informatique 2002

Université de Provence - Marseille - France

Programming, databases, web...

DUT Statistiques et Traitement Informatique des Données 1999

Université de Grenoble - France


Developping new skills



Business development / Strategy


Web development



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